Here is some of the list for common discomfort during travel and relevant medication.

Motion sickness

  • Someone who is experiencing nausea, headache and even vomiting on a moving automobile or riding in an airplane is called motion sickness. The best remedy for this effect is to watch your consumption of drinks, food and alcohol before or during your trips. Drinks and food with bad smell will worsen the effect of nausea in the person. If you are traveling on a boat, try lying down to equalize your sense. Also when traveling by train, sit in a front facing rather than opposite of the traveling motion. Lastly, seeking doctor’s advice and getting medications over the counter will be a better solution.

Food poisoning

  • Common cases when on travelling is food poisoning. Some of us might be used to the food we are eating on our tours or maybe the food that we eat was contaminated at the point of processing. It can occur at any point in time if the food is incorrectly handled or cooked. Food poisoning may last from a few hours or even several days. If you are feeling nausea, vomiting and weakness, seek medical attention immediately.

Flu / Fever / Cough

  • These are the common sickness you will get especially when our body is tired and feeling fatigue. Protecting yourself from viruses is the top priority. Wear a face mask if you have to. Whenever an infected person cough or sneezes, the flu virus can spread through saliva droplets. Limit yourself to touch your mouth or nose, cover your mouth when coughing and avoid contact with sick people. Most important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water. You might not want to get flu, fever or even cough during your holiday.


  • It could be a real nightmare getting injured while on holiday. Not to mention, losing the time for enjoyment, fun and relaxation at the same time. Not having the familiar surroundings to get medical attention could lead to stressful experience. Of course, every injury is different, it could be a serious accident or just a minor cut. Seek medical assistance immediately, depending on the seriousness of the injury. Get advice from your hotel concierge for the nearest hospital.

Travel insurance may reimburse you in the future, however be prepared to front the cost of any potential hospital bills.

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